Funding and Incentive Opportunities

Is your organization conducting an energy audit? Are you planning an energy-saving project, such as a lighting retrofit or upgrade to your equipment? Are you encouraging sustainable transportation? For these projects and many others, your organization may be eligible to receive financial incentives. This directory outlines incentive programs available to your organization.

Fund Name Utility Description Eligibility Provider
CanExport Funding Program Investment, Other, Transportation

Available to most established businesses looking to export, CanExport provides support for marketing and expansion activities involving new international markets. The program helps exporters improve their sales and brand exposure in international markets through marketing activities, packaging modifications, market research, and other initiatives.


  • Access up to 75% of costs associated with export marketing projects to a maximum $75,000 per application.

CURRENT Eligible Market Development Projects During COVID-19

  • Marketing tools creation, adaptation, and translation
  • Interpretation services
  • IP protection, certification, and adaptation
  • Business, tax, and legal advice
  • Market research, feasibility studies, identification of key contacts, and b2b facilitation

Applicant Eligibility

  • Maintain 1 to 500 full-time employees;
  • Earn annual revenues ranging from $100,000 to $100,000,000;
  • Be federally incorporated federally or classified as a limited liability partnership (LLP);
  • Create eligible project expenses of $20,000 or more; and
  • Be financially stable and able to pay all project expenses not covered by the program.
Government of Canada
Community Economic Development and Diversification (CEDD) Buildings, Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, Investment, Mixed, Technology, Transportation, Waste

The CEDD program aims to create sustainable economic growth in small and rural communities in southern Ontario. Projects eligible for funding must foster economic diversification and transformation and improve productivity, capacity, and competitiveness of businesses to increase employment and growth opportunities that foster resilience in their communities.


  • No-interest, repayable contribution from $250,000 up to $5M per project.
  • Evidence of project funding;
  • Evidence of market opportunities;
  • Capacity to achieve the project’s stated objectives;
  • A viable project plan with achieve outcomes and verifiable cost estimate; and
  • How the project addresses a gap, including evidence of economic opportunities for community growth and transformation.
Federal Economic Development Ontario
Ontario Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP)  COVID-19, Investment

The FedDev Ontario Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) program offsets upfront project costs and helps Southern Ontario businesses grow more quickly. It provides no-interest repayable contributions (government loans) with repayment beginning within a year of project completion.


  • Repayable contribution (no-interest loan) of up to 35% of eligible project expenses to a maximum of $500,000 to $10M.
  • Must maintain profitable operations in southern Ontario for 2+ years.
  • Have more than 5 employees.
  • Be provincially or federally incorporated or an Indigenous-owned business;
  • Have financial capacity to complete the project, provide a minimum 35% contribution, and repay the government contribution in full.
  • Have a viable project plan and have organizational capacity to complete it.
  • Have market or industry demand to support new technology/business expansion.
Government of Ontario
Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Investment

In response to COVID-19, the Canadian federal government has a credit stimulus program, letting small businesses and not-for-profits apply for interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to help cover their operating costs during a period where their revenues have been temporarily reduced. The funding from this initiative will be provided by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and Export Development Canada (EDC). Talk to your financial institution account manager to find out if the EDC BCAP Guarantee is a good fit for your cash flow needs.


  • Repayable contribution (no-interest loan) of up to $40,000 with a loan forgiveness of 25% (up to $10,000) if the balance of the loan has been repaid on or before December 31, 2022.
  • The size of your loan or line of credit is determined by your financial institution.
  • Must demonstrate between $20,000 and $1.5M in total payroll paid in 2019.
  • Eligibility for the EDC BCAP Guarantee is subject to additional requirements through approved financial institutions.
  • Proceeds from your loan must be used to finance business operating costs and cannot be used to repay or refinance existing debt.
  • Some restrictions apply for Oil and Gas companies.
Export Development Canada (EDC)
Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) Carbon Reduction, Electricity, Energy Efficency, Investment, Other, Technology, Waste

The Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is a Canadian government funding program designed to accelerate the research and development projects of Canadian innovators. IRAP is administered and managed by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Visit the Government of Canada IRAP website and/or visit MentorWorks to learn more.


  • Contributions of up to 60-80% of internal technical labour and subcontractor expenses.
  • Incorporated, profit-oriented SME business and plan to pursue growth and profit in Canada.
  • Employ 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees.
  • Projects to be carried out between April 1 and March 31 of every year. Single year projects must either fall between that timeline. Potential for 12+ months for larger projects.
Government of Canada
Impact Investments with TAF Carbon Reduction, Electricity, Energy Efficency, Gas, Investment, Technology

We specialize in demonstrating and accelerating the high investment quality of low-carbon solutions. As recent carbonstones show, we don’t need to trade profit for environmental protection.


  • PROJECT: For developers seeking project finance in excess of $1 million, we will invest during the construction and take-out phases.
  • ENTERPRISE: For entrepreneurs with financing needs ranging from $100,000 to $2,000,000, we create flexible finance structures based on the expected performance of the technology.
  • FUND: For private equity and debt funds, TAF will invest up to $500,000 in mandate-aligned debt funds where returns are expected within three years.
  • Project estimates must hit TAF target of 500,000 tonnes of carbon reductions over 20 years within the total addressable market.
  • Technology must be third party verified. Technologies proven outside of North America are eligible.
  • Current finance focus:
    • Clean tech (energy production and storage)
    • Building energy efficiency
    • Transportation
    • Renewable energy
    • Waste reduction and de-carbonization
    • Conservation and carbon-reduction behavior
The Atmospheric Fund
OES Collectors Program Waste

Become a OES-approved Collection Partner! Collection Partners are a network of sites—private, municipal or non-profit—that agree to accept used or end-of-life electronics for safe, secure recycling throughout Ontario.

OES-approved collection events are eligible for:

  • designation as an OES-approved event
  • a collection incentive for each tonne of material collected
  • packaging materials and transportation
  • a listing on; an interactive website that helps the public find drop-off locations for their unwanted electronics around the province
Ontario Electronic Stewardship
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program Energy Efficency, Mixed, Other, Transportation, Waste, Water

The SR&ED uses tax incentives to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. These tax incentives come in three forms: an income tax deduction, an investment tax credit (ITC), and, in certain circumstances, a refund.


  • Work must be conducted (primarily) in Canada
  • Must fall under one of the following categories:
    • Basic research: This is work carried out to advance scientific knowledge without a practical application in view. It is usually done in universities or research institutes.
    • Applied research: This is also work carried out to advance scientific knowledge but, unlike basic research, it is done with a specific practical application in view.
    • Experimental development: This work is carried out to achieve technological advancement.
Government of Canada
Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) Electricity, Energy Efficency, Gas, Transportation

Funding for electric vehicle charging and hydrogen re-fueling infrastructure projects in workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings (MURBS) and for light-duty vehicle fleets. The Request for Proposals is now open until December 10, 2020 (23:59 Eastern Standard Time). NRCan will target having funding decisions by March 2021.


  • Rebate of up to fifty percent (50%) of Total Project Costs based on EV infrastructure type.
  • Visit the ZEVIP website for a full list of eligible projects and technologies.
  • Electricity or gas utilities
  • Companies
  • Industry associations
  • Research associations
  • Standards organizations
  • Indigenous and community groups
  • Academic institutions
  • Provincial, territorial, regional or municipal governments or their departments or agencies where applicable
Government of Canada
Carbon Reduction Solutions Grant Buildings, Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, Energy, Reduction, Transportation, Waste

The Atmospheric Fund (TAF)provide grants to charities, not-for-profit organizations, and municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) for projects that have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions an air pollution in the region.

  • Contact TAF grantmaking team for sector specific criteria.
  • Your application must demonstrate the project’s potential to reduce carbon emissions in the GTHA and/or air pollution in Toronto.
  • Only registered charities, not-for-profit organizations and municipalities in the GTHA are eligible to apply for TAF grants.
The Atmospheric Fund
Small Business Loan Investment, Other

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Small Business Loan provides support for businesses to grow and upgrade their operations into the “new normal”. The BDC is a B-Corp certified bank with over 75 years of experience supporting SME’s in all industries to support growth.


  • Maximum loan 100K

Financing you can use to:

  • Supplement cash flow: Purchase equipment, software, or hardware without using cash you need for everyday activities.
  • Increase online sales and upgrade web presence: purchase inventory, run marketing campaigns, hire a consultant.
  • Cover expenses: Pay suppliers, landlords, employees.
  • Small businesses or start-ups operating for profit and based in Canada.
  • In operation for at least 24 months and generating revenues
  • Good credit history.
  • Owner is age of majority in the province or territory where they live.
Canadian financial institutions
Runsmart Building Optimization Gas

Enbridge Gas Inc (formerly Union Gas) will provide an incentive to customers for the successful implementation of low-cost and no-cost energy-saving measures that optimize a building’s energy use. Optimization improves your building’s overall performance by identifying building-maintenance and operational-efficiency improvements.


$0.20/m3 to a maximum of $0.30/m3.

  • Education, healthcare, office, multi-unit residential and entertainment commercial buildings that use at least 50,000 m3 of natural gas a year and have not participated in a Union Gas energy-saving program in the last two years.
Process Improvement Study Gas

Union Gas will help fund studies to improve processes in your business. Studies identify ways to optimize the energy use of a specific piece of natural gas process or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) equipment as part of your company’s overall operations and practices.


  • 66% up to $20,000.
  • New study top-up: Additional 34% to a maximum of $20,000*

Industrial buildings

Ozone Laundry Incentive Program Energy Efficency, Gas

This system is the natural way to save. The ozone laundry system is a piece of equipment added onto a new or existing commercial washing machine. Ozone laundry systems can be free-standing or wall-mounted units.


  • $0.04 x total annual pounds of laundry processed.
  • Max $15,000 per unit.
  • Commercial laundry.
  • Rental/leased equipment is eligible
Enbridge Gas Inc
Equipment and Process Optimization Energy Efficency, Energy, Reduction, Gas

Enbridge Gas Inc (formerly Union Gas) will help fund measures and equipment that will reduce your natural gas consumption. Implement an energy-saving measure or install high-efficiency equipment. Both new and retrofit applications are eligible.

Commercial Customers Incentives:

  • General Service (rates M1, M2, R1, R10): $0.20/m3 to a maximum of $40,000
  • Contract (rates M4, M5A, M7, T1, R20): $0.10/m3 to a maximum of $100,000

Industrial Customers Incentives:

  • General Service (rates M1, M2, R1, R10): $0.20/m3 to a maximum of $40,000
  • Contract (rates M4, M5A, M7, T1, R20): $0.10/m3 to a maximum of $100,000
  • Commercial and industrial buildings.
Enbridge Gas Inc
Meters to Monitor Energy Use Incentive Energy Efficency, Gas

Enbridge Gas Inc (formerly Union Gas) will help fund measures and equipment that reduce your natural gas consumption. Install a natural gas, steam or hot-water meter to measure or monitor energy usage.

Industrial Customers Incentive:

  • 50% of meter cost up to $3,500
  • Industrial buildings.
Enbridge Gas Inc
Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation Incentive Air Quality, Energy Efficency, Gas

Traditionally, ventilation systems have operated at one speed regardless of how hard the appliances are working. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) systems respond to variations in stove use, allowing the two-speed or variable fans to regulate exhaust depending on how many burners are working.

Incentives (Retrofit):

  • Up to 5,000 CFM: $1,200 per unit.
  • 5,001 to 10,000 CFM: $3,000 per unit.
  • 10,001 to 15,000 CFM: $4,400 per unit.

Plus limited time bonus incentives

  • Commercial foodservice organizations.
  • Commercial kitchen demand-controlled ventilation system with rated capacity not greater than 15,000 CFM.
  • Incentive amount cannot exceed 55 percent of the total cost to a maximum of the incentive amount per size.
  • Eligible costs include sensor(s), controls and standard installation fees.
Enbridge Gas Inc
Engineering Feasibility Studies Energy Efficency, Gas

Enbridge Gas Inc (formerly Union Gas) will help fund studies to identify and quantify potential energy-saving measures on natural gas-consuming equipment and gas-related heating systems or facilities. Studies analyze an existing building to determine the changes that will increase your overall energy efficiency.

Commercial Customers Incentive:

  • 50% up to $4,000.

Industrial Customers Incentives:

  • 50% up to $10,000.
  • New study top-up: Additional 50% to a maximum of $10,000*.
  • Commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Visit incentive main page to review Application Requirements.
Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators Energy Efficency, Energy, Heat, Gas

The most efficient way to provide good indoor air quality is through either an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) or Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). Both are able to provide fresh outdoor air while recovering the most energy possible from outgoing air.

Incentives vary but fall into the categories: Non-existing and not required by code and Existing and Improved Effectiveness.

  • Commercial and industrial new construction and existing buildings.
  • Incentive paid is based on the operating CFM of the ERV/HRV and to qualify for an incentive, the sensible effectiveness used to validate the above criteria must be at the operating CFM level.
  • See incentive main page for details.
Demand Control Ventilation Air Quality, Gas

A demand control ventilation (DCV) system with a CO2 sensor allows you to maximize energy savings while maintaining optimal building ventilation.


  • $500 per RTU/MUA with CO2 sensor
  • Retail and office buildings, primary and secondary education gymnasiums, post-secondary education classrooms, community center meeting spaces, exercise centers and sports arenas, senior, nursing, and long-term care common areas, cinemas and performing arts spaces, and hotel conference rooms.
  • Incentive applies to the installation of DCV with CO2 sensors to single-zone constant volume ventilations system.
Enbridge Gas Inc
Condensing Make-up Air Units Air Quality, Gas

Condensing make-up air (MUA) units are the smart way to provide fresh air to common areas in commercial buildings. These high-efficiency units feature high turn-down modulating burners with stainless steel heat exchangers. Choose from three categories of efficiency that include constant speed, 2 speed motor or variable frequency drives (VFD)—a great investment that provides payback for your business year after year.


  • Constant Speed: $0.30/CFM per unit.
  • 2 Speed: $0.35/CFM per unit.
  • Variable Frequency Drive: $0.40/CFM per unit.
  • Commercial and industrial new construction and existing buildings.
  • Minimum 1,500 CFM to maximum 14,000 CFM per unit.
Enbridge Gas Inc
Air Curtain Program Energy, Heat, Gas

Save energy even when the doors are open. Air curtain technology delivers a controlled stream of air that separates the indoor and outdoor environment. Air curtains reduce infiltration of cold or hot outside air through doorways, significantly reducing natural gas heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Incentives vary depending on project scope and door size.

  • Commercial and industrial new construction and existing buildings.
  • Pedestrian doors in commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Shipping/Receiving doors include doors classified as dock-in or drive-in.
Enbridge Gas Inc
TD Friends of the Environment Other

The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education and green space programs. The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education and green space programs. For a full list, please see the Common Questions.

Registered Canadian charities, Educational institutions, Municipalities, & Aboriginal groups

TD Bank
OES Processor Incentive Program Waste

The Processor Incentive Program (PIP) provides financial support to OES-approved Primary Processors to provide collection, transportation and processing services for residential as well as IC&I WEEE.

Incentives vary based on the type of material(s).

Ontario Electronic Stewardship
Ontario Innovation Demonstration Fund (IDF) Energy Efficency, Investment, Other

Used for technology demonstration projects at the pilot stage of development. The focus is on bio-products, clean-tech technologies and commercialization strategies. IDF Ontario is to help in efforts to commercialize innovative technologies by mitigating the risk of projects with significant pilot-scale technical challenges.


  • Up to 50% but not to exceed $4M as forgivable loans, repayable loans or royalty agreements.
  • Ontario-based technology companies (but technology could lead into US/global).
Ministry of Research & Innovation
Net Metering Electricity, Energy Efficency, Energy, Reduction

Lower your electricity bill by generating power with renewable energy resources. Contact your electrical company on how to apply. Customers generate electricity from a renewable source to the electrical grid for a credit towards their electricity bill. Local distribution companies subtract the value of electricity supplied from the value of what is taken over a billing period. If a customer supplies power that is worth more than what they take, they will receive a credit.

  • All organizations (industrial, commercial, institutional, etc.).
  • Contact your electrical company on how to apply.
Government of Ontario
Canada Small Business Financing Program Electricity, Energy, Reduction, Gas, Other, Transportation

Loans available for the purchase or improvement of land, buildings or equipment (including commercial vehicles) used for commercial use; and the purchase of new or existing leasehold improvements (i.e. renovations to a leased property). Visit a chartered bank to present your business plan to apply for a loan.

  • Small businesses and start-ups operating for profit in Canada.
  • Not eligible: agri-businesses (separate programs) and non-profits.
Government of Canada
Energy Manager Program for SME’s Electricity, Gas
Limited time offer with limited funding available. Applicants will be considered on a first come, first-served basis. Get incentives to hire an energy manager or complete an energy assessment for your business.
  • Be a small or medium-sized enterprise with fewer than 500 employees;
  • Own/manage facilities connected directly or indirectly to the grid in Ontario;
  • Commit to reducing total annual facility consumption by 3% through a combination of electricity and natural gas reduction measures1;
  • Have a total annual electricity consumption greater than 2,500,000 kWh and total annual natural gas consumption of 200,000 m3, or a combined annual energy consumption of 16,500 GJ2;
  • Businesses registered in the Output-Based Pricing System in the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act are not eligible;
  • Participants in the program may not opt into the Output-Based Pricing System for the duration of the their participation in this offering.
Save on Energy
Process and Systems Program Electricity

The Process and Systems Upgrades program supports both distribution and transmission-connected customers. Project incentives are available for a variety of energy-saving projects. Whether you are installing variable frequency drives on your motors, generating electricity from waste energy recovery or redesigning your entire system, there is an incentive available.

Incentives vary based on scope and scale of each project.

  • Develop a business case(engineering feasibility study) for energy-efficiency projects you want to undertake and identify potential capital incentive project opportunities that may exist.
  • Contact for industry specific inquiries.
Save on Energy
Retrofit Program Mixed

The Retrofit Program provides incentives to a variety of energy reduction projects. There are two application tracks: the Perspective track (ideal for system upgrades) and the Custom track (provide flexibility for more comprehensive projects).


  • Lighting: The greater of either $400/kW of demand savings or $0.05/kWh of first-year electricity savings
  • Controls: The greater of either $800/kW or $0.10/kWh of first-year electricity savings
  • Multi-tenant education: $200/kW of the estimated demand savings, and to a maximum of 10% of the incentives paid for the equipment replacement project
  • Commercial spaces or buildings, such as offices, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and warehouses
  • Industrial facilities in sectors such as food and beverage, automotive, plastics and packaging industries
  • Institutional buildings, including hospitals, universities, municipal halls and arenas
  • Multi-family buildings, such as apartments (including low-income and social housing) or condominiums
  • Agricultural facilities, including dairy, swine or poultry farms, greenhouses and nurseries
Save on Energy
Lighting Incentive for Small Business Program Electricity

The new Small Business Lighting program offers businesses in Ontario a simple solution for energy efficient lighting. The program includes:

  • a professional lighting assessment
  • installation by a licensed contractor of up to $2,000 in lighting retrofits.
  • All types of businesses with 50 or fewer employees on site at any point in time can participate.
  • Effective July 2020, Small Business Lighting Eligible Measures List was updated to reflect changes to Electrical Safety Authority fees
  • Previous participants of the Small Business Lighting Program from 2016 – 2019 are not eligible to participate again.
Save on Energy